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FirePixels go almost anywhere you would put a lightbulb, LED or other traditional lighting element. Each FirePixel's variable flame control lets you create real-time flame effects, only before possible in the world of lighting. 

LiveSpark Torch 2.0 Powder Coating : Request for Quotation

LiveSpark is a flame effect manufacturer. We are producing some special effect torches. I'd like a quote for powder coating. Below are some pictures of the finished product as well as some drawings of the parts that need coating. We're making some samples now but will be building a bunch more.

Can you please create a quote using these two powders? (I'll provide the powder or you can order from Prismatic directly just let me know which you prefer).

First layer is a very reflective chrome:

Second layer is a transparent copper:

Please note the parts will be disassembled. All holes should be masked to maintain bolt clearance.

Download part drawings that contain dimensions and descriptions of parts for powder coating.

Brett Bond

Torch v1.0 in Super Chrome

Torch v1.0 in Super Chrome

Torch head in glossy black

Torch head in glossy black