Fire is Real

FirePixels go almost anywhere you would put a lightbulb, LED or other traditional lighting element. Each FirePixel's variable flame control lets you create real-time flame effects, only before possible in the world of lighting. 

Meet the FirePixel


The Most Precise Effect Ever Created

  • Patented flame control technology, including our multi-flow path design, with internal diffuser and laminizer that produce a beautiful linear flame.

  • A highly wind-resistant flame nozzle projects high velocity fuel that stands up in the wind, at all angles horizontal and above.

  • FirePixels auto-calibrate to their environment. If the wind picks up, flame height adjusts automatically. When it dies down, FirePixels reduce fuel velocity and flow automatically.

  • FirePixels burn less fuel, capable of lasting hours on one single pound of propane, making them healthier for the environment and inexpensive to operate

Controller Front.png

Complete Control

  • Only FirePixels allow chaining of hundreds of individually addressable units to create multi-dimensional effects, sequences, and chain effects normally possible only with traditional lighting, but now realized in fire.

  • Each FirePixel responds 30 times per second and is adjustable in over 200 selectable heights, to produce smooth animations with very low latency.

  • LiveSpark Controller accepts inputs from most industry standard performance control systems such as DMX light boards, MIDI devices, and network signal generators. An ethernet port accepts control commands from any external network broadcaster, such as Ableton Live with the LiveSpark plugin.

FirePixel Candles.png
Double AfterBurner Height

Widest Dynamic Range of Flame

No other system is as versatile as LiveSpark.

  • From the smallest candle-size flame to a literal towering inferno of fire, FirePixels and AfterBurners combine to perform at over 500 programmable flame heights.

  • Whether tiny, small, medium, big, or huge. Every flame height is calibrated to wind conditions.

  • Combine 2 AfterBurners together for not just tall, but broad and bright columns of fire.

Engineered for Safety and Durability, Inside and Out

  • Modular and Compact, designed for fixed or touring installations in either indoor and outdoor environments.

  • Designed and manufactured in California.

  • Approved by fire marshals and complies with NFPA 160 “Standard for Flame Effects Before an Audience” and NFPA 58, "Liquified Petroleum Gas Code."

  • IP68-rated for wet environments.

  • DMX-512 light board compatible.