Fire is Real

FirePixels go almost anywhere you would put a lightbulb, LED or other traditional lighting element. Each FirePixel's variable flame control lets you create real-time flame effects, only before possible in the world of lighting. 

In a world of screens, fire is real.

We are captivated by it, from the fireplace to the bar-be-cue. There’s something we all feel, around the campfire or just by the flicker of a candle. It’s a fascination, a romance, a warmth. LiveSpark’s mission is to create the unforgettable, by bringing our revolutionary real live fire effects to events around the world.

What if your lighting went beyond LED color washes? What if your environment were illuminated by unbelievably controllable flames, dancing gently, rising boldly, flashing brightly, or blasting wildly at just the precise moments you choose to create an experience unlike any other.

Have a look at our work and get inspired. Then reach out and connect with us, either by email here, or simply call 415-613-3872 to speak with a LiveSpark expert who will guide you through bringing one of the boldest new entertainment technologies to your production.

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LiveSpark works with a wide range of industries

  • Festivals and Concert Touring

  • Themed Entertainment

  • Sports, Arena and Stadium Events

  • Public Art and Environments

  • Amusement Parks

  • Hotels, Restaurants, Night Clubs and Cruise Ships

  • Arts and Installations

  • Stage Productions

  • Experiential marketing

  • Film and TV